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“We all expect quality service that we are paying for. Without hesitation, we can state the help we have received through the combined efforts of Jackie Torok and Steve Torok with our property management needs and our real estate sales, meets all expectations. Jackie and Steve have come through with flying colors and we would recommend them to anyone in need of their professional knowledge performed with integrity.”

- Fred & Diana L.

“Jackie and Carrie at Wildwood Properties have managed our rentals since 2000 and they’ve been managing the properties of our family members for much longer. They are very courteous, reliable and professional in their dealings with owners and tenants and they handle problems in an efficient and timely manner. We appreciate their hard work in taking care of our properties.”

- Fran K.

“Wildwood has done a wonderful job managing our rental property efficiently and reliably for over 20 years.”

- John F.

“I have been a client of Wildwood Properties for 25-30 years. They have always been responsive to my requests, sought reliable tenants, and have expedited repairs in a timely manner. After this long relationship, who would ever think of making a change?”

- Jane O.

“I have found Wildwood Properties property management of my rental properties over the last 20 years to be exceptional. I have learned to trust their judgment with their maintenance recommendations over and above the normal maintenance work. The work gets done quickly and the cost is within their estimate. I certainly can recommend them as excellent property managers.”

- John M.

“Before my Dad passed away, he said, “If anything happens to me, you can feel safe with Wildwood Properties to handle the rentals.” We have been more than happy with Wildwood handling our eight rental properties over the last 18 years.”

- Cathy P.

“I have been using Wildwood’s property management services for 2 years. They manage 4 single family homes for me. They have been responsive and very professional. I consider them a valued partner and would not hesitate to refer any friends or family. (My Mother and Aunt have done business with Wildwood for many years).

- Robert P.

“I couldn’t do rentals without the help of Steve and Jackie. Their property management is good at selecting responsible renters and collecting the rent each month. Their ability to determine reasonable rents and being fair with both property owners and renters is a valuable asset at a reasonable price.”

- Nick S.

“I enjoyed a positive experience working with Jackie and Steve at Wildwood Properties. They were very professional and responsive. I would certainly recommend them to others.”

- Adam C.

“We are all set. It was a pleasure working with you and Steve – I thank you for managing the property so diligently and for selling it expeditiously.”

- Shawn A.

“My wife and I both work full-time, so I was apprehensive about becoming a landlord because I was worried about getting calls from tenants relating to repairs in the middle of the night or on weekends. The folks at Wildwood Properties found high quality vendors to perform all maintenance tasks, had the work done quickly, and at a very reasonable price. They took all the hassle out of becoming a landlord.”

- Jerry S.

“We are especially pleased with Wildwood Properties as the manager for our rental property. They have always been prompt to notify us when a tenant has a problem and able to provide quality technicians when repairs are needed. Their experience with tenants has been very valuable in providing us with well qualified renters over the past 5+ years. We have recommended Wildwood Properties to our friends and anyone in need of a good property manager.”

- Phyllis G.

“We have been with Wildwood Properties since 1997 and we can’t say enough great things about Wildwood Properties. We have never had any problems with any of our renters. As a matter of fact we have only had 4 renters in 16 years thanks to Steve and Jackie. What we really like about Wildwood is that we never have to worry about anything. Steve and Jackie take care of everything for us even making the mortgage payment on our rental. They do a great job screening potential renters and discuss every applicant with us and let us have the final decision. Before my husband retired he did not have time to make any repairs on our rental so we relied on Wildwood to make any repairs and now we have Wildwood take care of whatever needs to be done to our rental. It is so great having them as our property management team because they do everything for us. Our tax man loves the year-end statement. When we get ready to sell our property, Wildwood will sell our property for us. Thank you Jackie, Steve and all the hardworking staff at Wildwood Properties.”

- Marianne G.
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